Make your Space Productive

Increase Workspace Productivity

With globalization and current competition, there are pressures on today’s business forcing it to reinvent itself every day to stay competitive and stand out from competitors. This requires business leaders and managers to make optimal use of resources and a strategic investment in technologies, equipment, innovation, research, and especially in the physical work space.

In fact, a quality work space promotes employee well-being, and encourages team interaction and collaboration, ensuring better cohesion and productivity.

What is workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness is first and foremost prevention in health and safety, but it is also increased comfort to reduce absenteeism, while increasing productivity. Indeed, repeated back pain, muscular fatigue, eye fatigue due to inappropriate lighting, difficulty concentrating due to noise or poor soundproofing, and inadequate layout of work spaces substantially reduce concentration, and by the same token the productivity of employees who have to spend more time than expected to complete their tasks.

This results in a reduction of their quality of life since they more frequently have to stay on outside normal work hours. It is also a shortfall for businesses since they are passively seeing their payroll costs rising over the years.

Rethinking your space according to your needs:

Today, rethinking your work space means above all the challenge of restoring quality to your existing spaces based on the new needs of the company, which are often evolving. Several parameters must be taken into consideration such as usable surface areas, the nature and volume of operations performed, confidentiality, seasonality of activities and universal accessibility. For this, everything must be thought out, beginning with the dimensions, materials, colours, furniture, lighting, acoustics, and more.

For over 27 years, Aquest Design has provided its partners with a turnkey solution for redevelopment of work spaces, ranging from design, construction to final furnishings.

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