Our Method

Aquest design is a workplace design firm with integrated building capacity, focused on corporate office transformations.

Our Design/Build methodology accompanies you from concept to completion. The first steps in the process are centered around you, with the aim of developing a well-researched strategy that will solve problems, build on the way your team works best and create a modern, efficient use of space.

Preliminary design:

  • Preliminary Consultation: Aquest Design professionals listen to you. Our initial focus includes questions to help us understand your business mission, your challenges and your needs. Your business realities are discussed from the outset.
  • Idea Presentation: After this consultation, we return quickly with an Idea Board. The purpose of this meeting is to deepen our understanding of the project and the needs, while validating our ideas against your vision.
  • Design Proposal: Next step is to bring the client a proposed project development contract. To do so, we prepare development plans and design intent renderings, to bring you a proposed contract based on a schedule and a budget estimate.
  • Design Contract approval. This agreement includes a design cost guarantee: The final cost will fall within the proposed budget for the expressed scope, or within a predetermined margin in relation to that budget.

Design and pre-construction:

  • Design development and bid documents
  • Thorough Inspection of the site to validate the scope of the work required
  • Coordination with engineers as required and authorities for permitting
  • Value optimization and preparation of management schedule
  • Bids, sub-contractor visits, bid analysis management and recommendations to the customer.
  • Finalize a fixed price contract. The traditional procedure of translating a Design to a finished project is broken: delays and cost increases are almost inevitable and are often carried by the customer. Aquest Design offers an efficient turnkey delivery model by integrating Design and Construction teams. Our projects conform to a budget from the outset and not only meet the deadlines but are delivered faster with costs controlled at every stage.
  • Preparing of site management plans, approvals, final approvals for the project

Construction Management:

  • Site preparation and maintenance over entire duration of the project
  • Assume all General Contractor responsibilities in accordance with RBQ requirements.
  • Construction Management, including:
    • Designating a project manager, site supervisors, administrative staff;
    • Ongoing site cleaning;
    • Health and safety management, quality control and environment;
    • Maintain drawings and other documents
    • Regular review of the schedule and budget with weekly client report
    • Manage and coordinate subcontractors;
    • Inspections and approvals;
    • Remit long-term maintenance manual, guarantees, keys, etc.;
    • Manage the deficiency resolution process

Final delivery

  • Manage final delivery and contract completion with subcontractors and for the full project.

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Aquest Design mobilier et aménagement de bureau - Office Furnishing

Aquest Design mobilier et aménagement de bureau – Office Furnishing