Contemporary Office Design Trends for 2022

Contemporary Office Design Trends for 2022

Contemporary office design trends need to echo the needs of its employees. Office staff thrive when ingenuity, productivity and participation are supported by modern office design. If you’re thinking of renovating or simply redecorating your current space, or moving to a new location, it would be important to create an inviting and engaging space for your office staff, to attract and retain your industry’s best talent. This will also convey your company’s vision and culture to visitors.

Today, work schedules have changed to either working remotely or a hybrid mode, providing employees a balance between work and home life. The way of communicating with office staff by means of new technologies is also changing the way business is done. How does this fit in with your current office design? Food for thought!

It’s time to start thinking about what you want in a new space by using your creativity and getting feedback from upper management and staff, to create a relevant and comfortable space. Here are some examples to help guide you.


Ideas for modern office design

The creation of defined spaces allows employees to choose the area that best suits their needs. Some may prefer a remote and quiet area, while others prefer to work in a busy and collaborative environment.


Lounge areas

Long gone the days of conventional break rooms or cluttered kitchen spaces! Think about a space that is casual, a bistro, or even a living room area, where employees can gather for a break, lunch or just to chat amongst themselves.

Quiet areas

Old-fashioned cubicles and closed offices may be relevant to your company and the type of work you do. However, consider trying an open space with a mix of tables, desks and quality acoustics to help support downtime.

Private phone areas

Offer a private space to your employees where they can brainstorm and share ideas, without disturbing their colleagues who may be working close by.

Communal work spaces

An open space encourages collaboration. By adding comfortable furniture and semi-private breakout areas, you are helping to create a positive work environment for your staff. Moreover, modern and flexible furniture that can be rearranged can be very useful as needs may change throughout the day.

Modern furniture

Offering a variety of modern furniture options to your employees is good for their wellness and comfort.

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