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Aquest Design uses a well-developed methodology to gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives.

We then translate this understanding into reality through a turn-key approach to design and build-out.

Our methodology will help guide you through the four distinct phases of any project:

  • Pre-Project Consultation

  • Feasibility and Budgeting

  • Design and Development

  • Project Fulfillment: Construction, Furnishing and Finishing


1. Got a project in mind?

Moving? Expanding? Downsizing? Every project starts with one or more business challenge.

Reach out to us, and we will send you a pre-project questionnaire to help organize your requirements.

2. Free on-site consultation

A successful capital investment starts with our designers acquiring an in-depth understanding of your organization’s guiding principles and identifying the top challenges you are facing. Then we need to know your project parameters, such as building conditions, budget and timeline.

We will also start learning about your culture, brand, work style, talent pool and growth projections, which will be key to success if your project goes ahead.

3. Creativity starts to flow…

Based on what we learn, our design team comes up with a proposal and project roadmap.

Initial feasibility mandate usually includes strategic planning, analysis of existing realities, conceptual design and space planning. The goal is to determine a scope that can be fulfilled within a specified budget.

4. Tweak until perfect

On approval of the budgeted project proposal, we work with you to get initial plan exactly how you want it, then coordinate full site surveys, architecture plans, 3D renderings, and concept-to-completion scope, in order to get close to the entire costs required for the chosen project model.

Upon signing of the final proposal, our project management team gets to work and gets the project done.

5. Construction Phase

The delivery model for the construction phase is established in the earlier phases, in order to deliver the completed project on-time and within budget.

Construction Worker

6. Furnishing, Finishing and Final Set-Up

Once construction is complete, furniture gets installed and workplaces are set up for use. Our Project Close-Out service ensures that your space is completely set up for work.


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