Office Ideas

Division of Space

The division of space in a work office is necessary and if well thought out will maximize productivity and well-being. The glass wall to the...

Quiet Work Lounge

The soft furnishings, carpet and dark ceiling create a muted lounge in an otherwise very busy business environment.

Executive Office

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to executive offices, but typical modern offices are simple yet complete. Veneer and glass surfaces, soft...

Kitchens and break rooms

Renovating the eating areas in your business is the single biggest boost to staff morale. The kitchen shown features a black-framed modern glass...

Twist reception desking

Create an inviting space for guests with a semi-circular desking system. This system makes a strong first impression on visitors and clients and adds...

Entrances and doorways

Renovated entrances give a real boost to culture and pride in the organization, both for visitors and staff. Click to the right to see the...

Open Collaboration

While a lot of businesses are moving away from the full open office, there is still something to be said for the common benching station. Open spaces...

Open Desking COVID-19 Solutions

Open desking has long been promoted as a great way to encourage collaboration within teams. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many questions arise as...

Through the Wall Design

Tasteful use of glass gives this private conference room an open feeling, while preserving the intimate acoustics required for closed meetings.

Industrial Building Transformation

The previous tile pattern remains apparent through the polished concrete floor in this tasteful transformation of an industrial building.

Acoustic Pods

Acoustic pods give isolation in the open office, used especially for departments with a lot of telephone communication.

Bright Colours

While these attractive booths are open on both sides, the bright colouring sharply defines the space.