Hokki Stool – What our clients are saying

Hokki Stool – What our clients are saying

Here’s what our clients have to say about the Hokki stool. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

“I work as a Resource teacher at Karonhianonhnha School in Kahnawake under the Kahnawake Education Center and I have purchased at least 10 of your stools, of various sizes. The chairs are beneficial in many ways, they provided students with undisruptive movement, allowing students to engage in concepts development and throughout tasks. I use them with my small group work within my Resource room and have assigned the stools to classrooms to assist teachers with class management. I would gladly recommend the study stools as a valuable resource.” – Carina Deere, Resource teacher Karonhianonhnha School, Kahnawake, QC

« Merci pour les tabourets Hokki! Ils sont merveilleux!  Je vous ai fait de la promo sur ma page FB de mon blogue d’enseignante.  Vous aurez probablement plus de demandes de prix durant les prochains jours. Bonne journée.»  – Valérie Cadieux

“The hokki stool gives students the opportunity to move in a quiet way to better help them focus on their work” – Resource teacher, MacDonald High School, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

“The Hokki Stools are ideal for busy students in a classroom. For students with attention deficits, the Hooki Stools allow opportunities for movement and thus improve student attentiveness and engagement in lecture and work tasks. For students with autism spectrum disorder and/or other increased sensory needs, the movement of Hokki Stools self-sooth and allow opportunities to self-regulate and get much needed sensory input.” – Resource Teacher, John Rennie High School, Pointe-Claire, QC

« En tant qu’ergothérapeute qui travaille dans un milieu scolaire, ce tabouret est un  incontournable dans ma boite à outils. Ils sont faciles à intégrer dans la routine du quotidien, et permettent aux élèves en besoin de bouger de pouvoir combler ce besoin tout en les aidant à se concentrer sur leur travail de façon plus prolongée. Les enfants et adultes les adoptent de façon spontanée! »  – Guylaine Bossé, Ergothérapeute CS Marguerite Bourgeoys

“The library looks great and the furniture is perfect. Everyone loves those big comfy chairs and so easy to clean. The stools are such a hit with the kids. One teacher remarked how her grade 6 students were quietly sitting and reading books instead of the usual running around and being told to settle down. Thank you for your great service” Frances Sodhi, Interior Designer (Project: Montreal West Children’s Library)

To purchase online, click here:  http://aquestdesign.monpanierdachat.com/fr/produit/tabouret-hokki

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