Meeting furniture that promotes movement

Meeting furniture that promotes movement

Meeting furniture used standing up promotes ergonomically sound movement. In contrast to seated meetings, it offers additional opportunities for movement, and also usually shortens the meeting time, promoting efficiency at work.

For this you can simply use a standing height table or, alternately, the infinitely adjustable sit-at/stand-at meeting table. The RondoLift with comfortable gas-operated height control can be quickly and easily adapted for any situation.

Likewise it is ergonomically sound to facilitate more movement when sitting. The PantoMove-Soft has a 3D tilt mechanism for dynamic sitting. That is: By forward or backward tilting, or by sideways tilt tolerance, the change between the different seated postures is supported. So the PantoMove follows every movement of the body and at that same time encourages the body posture to adjust repeatedly. The soft upholstery provides high-level seat comfort.

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