Optimize Space to Reduce Costs

A successful business is one that periodically reviews its business plan to ensure that it meets its needs, and that it continues to steer it towards the intended objectives. But reviewing or revisiting a business plan is often a harbinger of major decisions to be taken, such as replacing suppliers, renegotiation of contracts, revision of price schedules, hiring of additional resources, increasing revenue-generating activities or, on the contrary, reducing loss-making activities.

All these decisions have direct consequences on the established processes, on the nature and volumes of operations, and especially on the functioning of work spaces.

Make best use of your existing space

Before undertaking any investment in real estate, it is essential to assess your actual need for operation, organization and provision of work spaces, as well as the surface areas needed. It would then be sensible, and especially more economical, to take the time to explore the different options to reuse existing space, before considering extending it or before leasing additional surface areas, or even complete relocation of your activities to another building.

Using the services of a specialized firm such as Aquest Design makes it possible to bring out the potential of the existing space, and to make it tangible in the form of a complete layout plan. It also allows the full scope and cost of the needed qualification work to be estimated, along with the impact of the various interventions on the functioning of operations.

Thus, replacing storage spaces with additional work spaces, automating lighting, or adding furniture with good durability allows for an improvement of the company’s operating margin, and sometimes even to generate new revenue. In addition, more and more companies are finding that they occupy more surface area than is really necessary for their operation.

This is square footage that can be shared with smaller businesses or self-employed workers. This would provide the opportunity to transform fixed expenses into non-negligible revenue.

Transform fixed expenses into revenue

With unique expertise in design and construction of workplaces, Aquest Design offers you support and innovative solutions for upgrading your spaces, according to your objectives and business realities.

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