François-de-Laval College

Client: François de Laval College

Date: Summer 2017 – Present

The client’s objective: To create a learning environment with unimpeded mobility; one that supports untethered technology while adapting to ever-evolving technologies.

Services Provided: design, educational space consultation, layout planning, furniture selection, project management, turn-key delivery and installation

Notes: Following a visit to Harvard University, the college’s leadership team returned with inspiration and motivation to create a timeless 21st century learning environment in their own establishment. This inspiration resulted in a wonderful juxtaposition of 17th-century architecture and modern learning.

With a focus on mobility, technology and an eye to the future, François-de-Laval identified; flat floors, mobile furniture and cordless technology as means to this end. Aquest Design’s solution included mobile desks and seating as well as provision for work either seated stand-at tables for students who prefer to stand while working. There were no physical electrical connections to the furniture itself, thereby increasing mobility while reducing the cost of adopting new technologies.

Mobile furniture including low-quality casters are more likely to need replacement as these additional parts are often strained from the constant use and movement. The customer felt reassured as Aquest Design stands by its products and includes a 10-year warranty on all furniture.

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