Niche Assurance

Niche Assurance is a well-established insurance firm, providing risk management and insurance solutions in a dynamic, professional, and efficient manner.

Challenge: With many of their agents working from home or on the road, Niche Assurance’s offices were not being used efficiently. Accepting this reality, the firm asked Aquest Design to create a warm office environment that would would be relevant to their needs.

Design Concept: Located in the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal, Niche Assurance wanted a professional environment that nonetheless suited their natural mountain surroundings.

Services Provided: This was a turn-key project involving Design Consultancy, Renovation Management, Furniture and Installation.

Result: The Aquest Design team created the warm multipurpose spaces shown, where staff are welcome when they need to work in the office. A large variety of multipurpose spaces provide for meetings and conferences, larger team gatherings and touchdown points. There are permanent offices for on-site staff.


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