Audio Visual Company

We don’t always get real good pictures but this was a successful project, fulfilled on time and within budget. The client is an established company providing marketing solutions for live engagements including expositions, conventions, corporate events and exhibits.

Challenge: Aquest was called in October for a lease expiring on January 31. The client needed design and renovations in order move their Canadian head office in a very short space of time.

Services Provided: Layout, design and client sign-off were fulfilled within 3 weeks of the original request. Construction took place quickly and was complete by mid-January, in time for moving to take place by the January 31 cut-off date.

Result: Customer was very pleased to have used Aquest Design, and commented on the excellence in project management they saw. One comment was that they wished they had used our Move Management services, because they could see we would have done the job better than the company they hired for this!

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