Executive desking – Serie 901



Product Description

Designer: Günter Behnisch et Hubert Eilers

The management work place should have the required functionality while meeting its more exclusive, representational needs and combining those features with design quality, because furniture contributes significantly to the general mood of a room.

A confidential discussion requires a positive ambience. The furniture engenders inclusivity – organic basic shapes help loosen the rigidity of the adviser / customer situation; technology is used to support the discussion e.g. via flexible multi-directional monitors.

In 1986 architects Günter Behnisch and Hubert Eilers (then B&P) designed an individual table which impressed with its characteristic free-form surface. Together with VS the table was developed in 1995 into a comprehensive office-furniture system: the Serie 900. In 2001 all the administrative workstations of the German Bundestag were equipped with this system.

Now appearing in this success story is the Serie 901, the completely reworked version of the office furniture system. Serie 901 executive desking system tables have a single-tube centre crossmember with brackets as the essential structural element. This element is torsionally rigid and connected to the frame elements and base assemblies. This makes Serie 901 a slimline system which allows all manner of workstation arrangements and enables the work environment to be easily and inexpensively modified or extended at any time.