Shift+ Transfer Mobile Shelving Unit



Product Description

Designer: VS International

Artistic and practical, the Shift+ Transfer mobile shelving unit is available in linear or curved format with optional plastic boxes on guide rails. This multipurpose unit can be used for storage and organization in the classroom and office or combined with Shift+ seating to create lounge or waiting areas. Functional and creative formations include curved or serpentine landscapes in both linear and back to back arrangements. With a handle on top for easy maneuverability and lockable casters this unit can easily be moved within the classroom or between classrooms. Standard models come with four casters and have handy magnets on the exterior for docking further cabinet elements.


  • 2-section or 3-section unit.
  • Linear or curved format.
  • Standard 4 casters or optionally 6 casters.
  • Plastic boxes on guide rails optional.
  • Docking magnet on exterior.


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