Sitting and standing

Sitting and standing

Keeping healthy in the office living space

Occupational health workers are increasingly encouraging more exercise in the office – that is, a natural balance of movement between sitting and standing work postures. If you move about you are able to think better. A work day should provide a balance of sitting, standing and moving.

Many people today find lack of movement in the office a burden but unfortunately not everyone is entirely aware yet of the health and economic consequences of a sedentary work posture. For this reason office planning should include work-place design and furniture that provides sufficient movement.

An excellent solution shown here is a comfortable height-adjustable sit-at/stand-at work station from our Series 901. It offers a sufficiently large range of adjustment so that work postures may be alternated, sitting or standing, according to individual requirements. Changing the work height is easy and uncomplicated; the version with infinite, motorized height adjustment enables the user to attain the desired table height simply by the touch of a button.

Storage furniture can be used too: the  mobile unit shown can provide spontaneous opportunities for movement and temporary changes of work posture, e.g. while using the phone or during short meetings standing up. This unit also provides a good work height for taking notes.

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