Learning Space Design

Design, Furnishing and Installation of 21st century learning spaces. We enable leaders to fulfill the challenging objective of integrating modern learning into their learning establishment.


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Some of our projects

College Reine Marie

Our services encompassed design consultation, furniture provisioning, and delivery/installation, resulting in dynamic classrooms featuring adaptable furniture and a modern study area with versatile seating options

St Michael’s College

St. Michael’s College School provides enhanced education for boys in grades 7 to 12. Aquest Design’s services facilitated a remarkable transformation, delivering adaptable furniture that fosters well-being and efficiency for a flexible and collaborative learning environment.

Externat Sacré coeur - Chapelle

Externat Sacré Cœur, founded in 1976, received pedagogical design and flexible furniture services from us. The Chapel transformed into a modern space with Shift+ Thumbprint tables and Pantoswing chairs, ideal for various activities.

Bouget College

Collège Bourget offers a nature-infused curriculum from preschool to secondary level. We provided design consultation, furniture outfitting, and delivery/installation services for vibrant and nature-inspired learning spaces

Pensionnat Notre-Dame-des-Anges

Two bright and inspiring spaces, a computer lab and library, to welcome students. The library is proof of a successful balance between natural wood tones and fun pops of colour and computer lab allows the mural backdrop to take center stage

Trinity College

A harmonious learning environment blends natural materials and lively colors, combining traditional furniture with sturdy desks and dynamic chairs designed to engage both body and mind, promoting spinal stimulation and posture stability

Herzliah High School

A beautiful state-of-the-art educational facility including flexible classrooms, computer lab, science lab and cafeteria, all furnished by Aquest Design.

Charles-Lemoyne College

The innovative library features versatile furniture like the Shift+ Thumbprint stackable table and Transfer storage solution, facilitating a dynamic environment for both individual work and group activities

Stanislas College

A sunlit computer lab with abundant windows and foliage-inspired seating, equipped with dynamic PantoSwing chairs, Hokki stools, and versatile worksurfaces to facilitate individual and collaborative work while connecting with the outdoors

François-de-Laval College

Client: François de Laval College Date: Summer 2017 – Present The client’s objective: To create a learning environment with unimpeded mobility; one that supports untethered technology.

The Study

Since 1915, The Study, a top Westmount private school, offers outstanding bilingual education. Aquest Design renovated their locker room with custom features, meeting tight timelines.

Trafalgar Castle School

The Castle’s stunning architecture is complemented by inspiring learning environments, including collaborative classrooms with versatile tables and innovative seating solutions.

Our Method

Aquest Design uses a well-developed methodology to gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives.

We then translate this understanding into reality through a turn-key approach to design and build-out.

#1. Onsite Needs Assessment:

We come to your location and meet with you and your team to understand your goals, discuss how to implement 21st century learning methods, review your space requirements and your branding objectives.

#2. Design:

As a complementary service on projects our designers will plan your space free of charge to integrate 21st century learning methods. We work with your interior designers to ensure the capability for modern learning is optimized. We prepare layout drawings and 3D views and recommend products that fulfill your goals.

#3. Project Management:

Aquest Design coordinates the delivery with your team and ensures their trained staff are onsite to assemble and install the furniture as per the finalized plans

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